Society Values

ICST uses web technologies to advance democracy, transparency and quality of research to accelerate scientific collaboration and technology innovation processes globally.

Transparent Recognition

The quality of ICST members’ research activities, contributions and impact are recognized directly and transparently using Web 2.0 tools, based on unbiased and objective criteria set by their community of peers.

Science by Democracy

ICST’s technical scope, research directions and scientific practices are based on democratic decisions. The Society’s web-based AGORA framework gives every member an opportunity to propose new activities, vote on proposed ideas, and volunteer for positions, leading to a measurable and objective evaluation and decision system.

Quality through Qualification

e-Scripts, ICST’s revolutionary reviewer qualification system, introduces a novel scientific screening and feedback mechanism that results in the highest quality scientific publications. ICST publications appear in the world’s leading indexing and bibliographic databases.

Member Benefits

Empowering you to proactively utilize the society for promoting your scientific goals and having your achievements recognized through unbiased peer evaluation in a way no society has done before.

Be the First to Publish

ICST’s revolutionary e-Scripts publication model combines an improved quality peer-review process with a dramatically shortened publishing process, giving you the recognition of ‘first-to-publication’.

Promote your Research

Through the unique AGORA framework, you are guaranteed that your proposal for society sponsorship of a new event, publication or other community activity receives an objective evaluation based on its scientific relevance and merit.

Increase your Impact

ICST’s e-Scripts ‘first-to-publication’ advantage combined with the open access feature of the European Union Digital Library’s Opened2View function provides a unique acceleration of citations to your work and increase your impact in the scientific community. Opened2View will be opened for reading from the 1st quarter of 2010.

Agora - Where the Community Decides

What is AGORA?
In keeping with ICST Regulations and Governance Model, the Institute is the first professional society that applies principles of direct democracy to the definition of member participation and the entire range of its activities through the AGORA framework.

Developed by EAI, AGORA is an open, democratic platform that embraces the principles of participative membership, objectivity, transparency and quality. It is both a marketplace of ideas and an open forum that enables ICST members to collectively shape and form the Society and its wide spectrum of scientific activities in a direct and active manner. This open way of actively involving the community ensures that content, value and quality are all co-created by the global membership in a bottom-up way.

What can I do on AGORA?
1. Propose a New Activity.
Suggest new ideas to existing conferences and publications, or propose new conferences and publications.

2. Evaluate a Proposed Activity.
Appraise the scientific quality and feasibility of proposals submitted by other ICST members.

3. Participate in an Activity.
Volunteer to participate in activities of the ICST.

How does AGORA work?
When a member submits a new proposal on Agora, it is reviewed by a society member responsible for that activity and validated for scientific and society-related relevance. Upon validation, proposals are placed on Agora and through a double-blind process the proposal becomes available for open voting by community members. This ensures full anonymous and objective voting.  Every member has the right to cast a vote on proposals and the submitter is informed when the proposal will start receiving votes. Ideas receiving sufficient community support are reviewed by the ICST and if appropriate, approved for implementation. Proposals are also eligible to receive full administrative and professional assistance and financial sponsorship from the ICST.

When a participation opportunity is advertised on Agora, it will appear with a detailed description of the specific role. Interested ICST members can apply for the position and will be notified of their outcome two weeks after submissions are closed.

How can I use AGORA?
You can make proposals and evaluate activities in AGORA without registration. These activities can be accessed through the ICST home page using the respective tabs at the bottom of the page.

Propose new events such as conferences, workshops, symposia or tutorials, submit new publications ideas such as journals or books, or enter new topics to ICTpedia on the AGORA. Get invaluable feedback from an extensive group of fellow scientists via the transparent AGORA evaluation system and receive the Societys support to make your initiative a reality.

> Conference
> Workshop
> Tutorial
> New ICST Transaction
> New ICST Transaction Special Issue
> New Volume of Lecture Notes of ICST
> New Volume in the ICST Innovation Book Series

Review, evaluate and vote on existing conference and publication related proposals submitted by other ICST members. Society feedback can affirm the viability of the original proposal or give a new sense of direction to the proposed initiative. By expressing your opinion about a new initiative, you greatly contribute not only to shaping ICST activities, but also to the definition of issues addressed by the ICT paradigm.

> Evaluate Conference: Community-Oriented Societies
> Evaluate Conference: First International ICST Conference on Finance IT
> Evaluate Conference: International ICST Conference on Public Safety Communication
> Evaluate Conference: First International ICST Conference on Future Cities
> Evaluate Conference: First International Conference on Resilient, Reliable and Robust Complex Networks (ReCoN)
> Evaluate Book Proposal: Geomatics for Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation and Valorisation

ICST offers a wide range of involvement options for you to participate in its activities. To apply for the open positions for planned events, publications and other programs, please click on an active link below and submit your application.