ICST Membership Overview

ICST is launching a unique drive to embrace its community. Capturing the essence of the latest in Web technologies ICST is introducing innovative platforms empowering its members to build and guide society activities,  to enhance their research productivity and recognition and promote the development of human society though positive impact of ICT sciences and engineering.

At ICST, all interaction occurs in an open market-place of ideas, seeking to generate response from all sectors of the ICT society at a grass-roots level, to directly influence the development of scientific activities and technology directions, while providing an opportunity for participants to accelerate their professional growth.

No more restrictions! No more blocks! Its wide open to you and the best ideas. The most frequent participation will be publicly recognized and rewarded. What is the catch? None. And as with all successful WEB initiatives, unlike any other society, MEMBERSHIP IS FREE.

There is something you will have to do however, and that is to get involved. ICST needs your input and your ideas to build your community and recognize your contribution in the widest circles.

Read on and see how ICST can help accelerate your career through:

  • Open platforms, such as EAI’s AGORA, which embraces participative membership, objectivity of evaluation, transparency of recognition and accelerated quality through participation.In addition, AGORA provides a platform for implementing the principles of direct democratic providing representation of all ICST members in the society’s activities and decisions, without committees and intermediaries. AGORA provides a way to assess the quality of member participation based on results not seniority. AGORA is an unfiltered, way of actively involving the community, ensuring that content, value and quality are created by the membership in a bottom-up way, rather than top-down as is now the case with all other major Societies;
  • EAI’s WEB based Reputation Index – UCount, which is determined in part by using AGORA’s participative concept. EAI provides direct unbiased recognition of your accomplishments and transparent, community objectivity;
  • An extensive portfolio of unique Events, covering the entire spectrum of ICT and its impact on society, coupled with revolutionary Web 2.0 publication mechanisms, and EAI’s e-Scripts, making the community the publisher and supporting quality review processes leading to a drastically reduced publication cycle.




And start interacting with the community of your peers, towards putting the power of the web in the service of your career and your profession!

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Upcoming Events

  • Aug


    Shanghai - People's Republic of China

  • Aug


    Dublin - Republic of Ireland

  • Sep

    Future 5V

    Porto - Portugal

  • Sep


    Cardiff - Great Britain

  • Sep


    Ghaziabad - India

  • Sep


    Chongqing - People's Republic of China

  • Sep


    Ottawa - Canada