Scalable Information Systems


Dr. Xiaohua Jia
Department of Computer Science City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Dr. Hua Wang
University of Southern Queensland, Australia

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As the data volumes continue to increase and the ways of information dispersion across the globe continue to diversify, new scalable methods and structures are needed for efficiently processing those distributed and autonomous data. Grid computing, P2P technology, distributed information retrieval technology, and networking technology all must be merged to address the scalability concern.

The scope of the journal includes:

  • Scalable distributed information systems
  • Scalable grid information systems
  • Parallel information processing and systems
  • Web information searching and retrieval
  • Data mining
  • Content delivery networks (CDN)
  • VLDB
  • P2P systems
  • Scalable mobile and wireless database systems
  • Large scale sensor network systems
  • Index compression methods
  • Architectures for scalability
  • Scalable information system applications
  • Evaluation metrics for scalability
  • Information security


Information systems, scalability, distributed systems, parallel processing, CDN, VLDB, P2P, mobile computing, sensor networks, information security.


Dr. Xiaohua Jia received his BSc (1984) and MEng (1987) from the Univ. of Science and Technology of China, and DSc (1991) in Information Science from Univ. of Tokyo, Japan. He is currently a Chair Professor with Dept. of Computer Science at City Univ of Hong Kong. Prof. Jia has authored over 200 research papers in the area of distributed systems, computer networks, and information systems. He is an editor of IEEE Trans. on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Wireless Networks, Journal of World Wide Web, Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, etc. He also chairs many international conferences and workshops, including International Vice co-Chair of IEEE Infocom’05, Chair of ACM MobiHoc’08, International Liaison co-Chair of IEEE ICDCS’08, TPC Co-Chair of IEEE MASS’09.


Dr. Hua Wang is an associate professor in the University of Southern Queensland. Dr Wang awarded a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern Queensland in 2004. He has been active in the areas of Information Systems Management, Distributed Database Management Systems, Access Control, Software Engineering and Electronic Commerce. He has participated in research projects on mobile electronic system, Web service, and role-based access control for Electronic service system, and has already published over 90 research papers.

He an Editorial Board Member of The Open Cybernetics and Systemics Journal. He is also a member of the Australian Research Council Network in Enterprise Information Infrastructure.

Editorial Board

Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Databases
Steve Beitzel

Wireless Technology Management, Health Information Systems, Computer Security
Raj Gururajan
University of Southern Queensland

Numerical Methods, Algorithms, and Programming Applied to Supercomputing, Parallel Computing, Cluster Computing
Daniel S. Katz
University of Chicago

Grid Middleware, Distributed Java Virtual Machine on Clusters and Software Systems
Cho-Li Wang
University of Hong Kong

Mobile and Pervasive Data Access, Location-Based Services, P2P Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Time-Critical and Secure Wireless Data Broadcast, Information Retrieval Visualization and Analysis, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, XML and Access Control, Object-Oriented Database
Wang-Chien Lee
The Pennsylvania State University

Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing and Networking, Mobility Management (Network Security, OS Support, Mobile Internet), Distributed/Parallel Processing (Distributed Transaction Processing, Load Balancing, OS Support), OS and System Evaluation (Reliability, Security, and Performance)
Jie Li
University of Tsukuba

Optimization in Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing, Approximation Algorithm Design and Computational Biology
Yingshu Li
Georgia State University

Media/Web/Mobile Search: Content analysis, learning, ranking, tagging, advertising; Database Management: Data structure, indexing, mining, query processing; P2P/Cloud Computing: Retrieval, distribution
Heng Tao Shen
University of Queensland, Australia

Knowledge Discovery Environment and Data Mining Query Languages, Web Mining and Content Delivery, Geographic Knowledge Discovery and Reasoning, Context Dependent Knowledge Extraction, Pattern Discovery from Complex Data and Privacy Preserving Data Mining
Fabrizio Silvestri
ISTI – CNR, Italy

Distributed Systems, Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Web and Internet, Particularly the Data Management Aspects in these Areas
Xueyan Tang
Nanyang Technological University

Databases, Especially Data Mining and Distributed Database Systems
Weili Wu
The University of Texas at Dallas

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