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Dr. Peng Liu
College of Information Sciences and Technology Pennsylvania State University

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Growing threats and increasingly also failures due to complexity may compromise the security and resilience of network and service infrastructures. Applications and services require security of data handling and we need new security architectures and scalable and interoperable security policies for this. There is a need to guarantee end-to-end security in data communications and storage, including identity management and authentication. Moreover, we need technology to enable network security monitoring and tracing and to assess the trustworthiness of infrastructures and services. It must ensure the protection of personal data and privacy and to properly assign liability and risks, together with the appropriate governance models needed to do so. Furthermore this is applied to the settings of Public Safety in general.


Security of cyber-physical systems, public safety in cyber-physical systems, privacy, information security, identity theft protection, security/risk management and policies intellectual Property protection, trustworthy computing, forensics, network and infrastructure security


Peng Liu, born 1970, received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Science and Technology of China, and his Ph.D. degree from George Mason University in 1999. Dr. Liu is a Full Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, founding director of the Center for Cyber-Security, Information Privacy, and Trust, and founding director of the Cyber Security Lab at Penn State University. His research interests are in all areas of computer and network security. He has published a monograph and over 200 refereed technical papers.
He is the Steering Committee Chair of SECURECOMM. He is the program co-chair of ACM ASIACCS 2010 and SECURECOMM 2008, General Chair of DBSEC 2011 and SECURECOMM 2009, Proceeding Chairs of ACM CCS 2003 and CCS 2004, co-organizers of the first and the second US Army Research Office Workshops on Cyber Situation Awareness, and the founding program co-chair of the ACM Workshop on Survivable and Self-Regenerative Systems. He is a program committee member of over 90 international conferences, including CCS, INFOCOM, and WWW. He is the Editor-in-Chief of ICST Transactions on Security and Safety. He is a referee for over twenty journals, including ACM Transactions on Information and Systems Security and IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing. He is or has served on several editorial boards, including Elsevier Computers & Security. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the IEEE Press Book Series “Information & Communication Networks Security.”
His research has been sponsored by DARPA, NSF, AFOSR, ARO, DHS, DOE, AFRL, NSA, TTC, CISCO, and HP (In total, he has secured over 14 million US dollars as a PI or Co-PI). Dr. Liu is the overall PI of the DoD MURI project on “Computer-aided Human Centric Cyber Situation Awareness”. He is a recipient of the DOE Early Career Principle Investigator Award. He has co-led the effort to make Penn State a NSA-certified National Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Research.

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